Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Work This Week

Our week has been full of many fun things, but the thing that has brought us the most joy this week is definitely our new little guy. We've been doing lots of baby watching this week. I have to say, I had no idea my little James was such a baby lover. Although he is not interested in holding him, which is ok by me, and gets very shy when Lee looks at him and we tell him to "talk to him", he loves watching him and delights in his every move. Sweet kid!
Mixed in with our baby watching has been lots of learning, too. My little Remi is turning in to quite the counter. We've been practicing counting for a while and he's now able to place ten objects into a bowl while counting them. This has been a great activity for him and I can't wait to keep adding more and more objects to his pile.

We've been reading all our old baby books to our new friend and it's been fun to revist books that brought me so much joy with Baby James.

This is a game I've been playing with James to teach him to read the faces of a die. He's quite good now and I'm starting to see faint glimpses of Yatzee in our future! All you do is roll the die and graph the result. Super easy and fun when played together or as a race.

We've also listened to this guy a few times this week. Do you remember him? My mom just got him off Ebay and is hoping the grandkids love him as much as my brother and I did as a kid. I gotta say that I've been shocked that I actually remember the stories and the lyrics to the songs. I loved this toy growing up.

Our little love found his finger this week, too. He has been working day and night to get a finger in his mouth to suck and he finally made it work. It's interesting that he likes to suck his pointer finger. I'm all for finger sucking, his paci was driving me nuts!

James cannot get enough of "It's a Match" from Discovery Toys. It has two workbooks that you pick pages out of and slide into this little case and match the pictures. He loves this toy and it's great for developing those pre-reading skills.

I also found this "Little Touch" lapbook at the thrift store and 6 books that go with it. It would have cost me over $200 if I would have bought all this full price (which I would have never done); however, at the thrift store I got it all for $11. The boys have loved the pages off this thing and can work it totally independently now. It's been a hit.

We've also done lots of fishing for letters this week with our "AB SEAS" game from Discovery Toys. You fish out the capital letters from this little ocean and then match it either to the uppercase of lowercase letters on the corresponding mats. It's fun, educational, and a great fine and gross motor practice all-in-one!

Here's the mats where you match the letter. Remi has to say the letter's name before he lays it down and James says the sound. Simple, but fun.
More baby gazing.
I got this little tracing books at Lakeshore this week. I really like them. You use a dry erase marker on them and James has enjoyed having another way to practice his letters. Yes, he is still letter crazy and is actually forming about 5-10 letters on his own now. I can't believe it!

James got this game for Christmas and it has been a great toy for the bathtub. He asks to do it pretty much every time he bathes. You just match the top and bottom of the animals and the pieces stick to the tile. Brilliant!
It's been a great week at our house. Hope you've had one just as wonderful!

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