Friday, January 27, 2012

Sugar Letters

James is still enjoying forming letters and is now wanting to start writing some on his own so I've had to get creative on ways we can practice. I made him a sugar bowl today and we sat in the floor and practiced some of our letters that take more than one stroke (meaning you have to lift your pencil/finger at some point to form the letter). It may sound nerdy to you that I am already teaching him about strokes, but since he's so eager to learn his letters I figure I might as well teach him the correct way to form them right off the bat.

Here he is working on the letter R. There's the down stroke and then you lift your pencil/finger and come up to the top of the letter to make the final stroke.

This was fun and it created very little mess. I did have to sweep afterwards, but only a little. I would have done sand outside, but it was cold on this particular day. Plus, sugar is sweet and fun to lick off your fingers!

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