Monday, February 20, 2012

Biking Journals

I love the days when the boys write in their journals at the same time. Although both boys claim to love writing in their journals, Remi is definitely the one who takes more time and puts more thought into his drawing and writing. James would rather just tell you about his story and puts very little effort into putting it down on paper. Remi doesn't really talk about his story until all his thoughts are put down in his picture then he uses his picture to tell his story. It's fascinating the differences between the two.

Here's James' story about riding bikes outside. I've been trying to get them to put a little dialogue in their stories so you'll see both boys were able to come up with a quote at the end. And don't let the "scribble scrabble" throw you off. They really do have a real picture in there. Each color and each scribble has meaning.
Here's Remi's story about the same event. James was riding and Remi was walking and they ended up turning it into a chasing game. It was a fun thing to write about.

I hope you are spending some time having your kids write stories. It's amazing how a little event, like riding bikes, can become such a treasured memory to a child. My boys love their journals and they love to look back on their old stories.

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