Monday, February 20, 2012

Finding Her Voice

It's amazing to me the difference between our foster kids on day 1 of being in our home and day 3 of being in our home. On day 1 it has been common for our kids to be content, quiet, and independent. On day 3 there is a shift in their behavior. They become vocal. They want to be held A LOT, and they want you to never leave their side.

This is something that I LOVE to see unfold. Why do I love this? Because it shows me that they are beginning to understand that they have a voice. Children from hard places are not heard. Their cries go unanswered. Their needs are ignored (or can't be met) and their feelings don't generally matter. After a few days of being in a home where they are fed when hungry, changed when wet, covered when cold, talked to when lonely, stimulated when bored, and comforted when needy, they begin to summon that inner baby that was lost and they find their voice.

A baby's cry is a beautiful thing. Although at times it can be ear piercing, poor timed, and inconvenient, it's their only way to tell the world what they need. When their cry is not met with compassion they stop using it. Our last two babies were easy as pie the first few days. We met their need before they knew they had one because they had forgotten how to be needy. Now that it is day 4 for Baby J she feels very comfortable to tell us (yell at us) when she has a need. I love that she is crying. I love that she knows that I will come. I love that she is becoming needy. Babies are supposed to be needy--it's in their job description.


Veretta said...

Beautifully written!!

Megan Fletcher said...

absolutely beautiful! this reality is precious in and of itself...a little one created in the image of God finding out they are!

But, even more so, this hit a chord this morning. We are just like this. When we come to the Lord and realize His great love for us, we are then free to pour out our hearts to Him, knowing we are heard. We have a voice and He will tend to our needs. He cares. He will not leave us as orphans. What a beautiful picture you are taking part in showing the world!