Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Nana Visit

I was completely blown away and blessed by my special little visitor this week. Nana got to come spend a whole day with us and it was literally the most perfect day! I think I can speak for every foster parent in the world when I say that nothing makes me happier than knowing I can stay in contact with this little princess and that I can see with my own eyes that she is happy and thriving. I am beyond thankful to the Lord, to her new momma and to all my friends and family that have prayed for this child's protection.
The moment she walked in the door she began pulling out all her old favorites. We had to read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and "B is for Bear". We spent the morning revisiting all her old favorites and watching her explore the house to see if anything was different.

Baby Lee wasn't here when she arrived because he was at his visit with his family so she tried out all his baby toys :) She also ran into James' room and stole his doggy off his bed and carried it around like a trophy. This was a big "no no" when she lived with us so it was hilarious to see her go and grab it. Once a little sister, always a little sister!

We went to the park to enjoy some time with her friends who have been missing her as well. The Davis girls came and played and Kristin and Baby R came and played, too. Nana was so happy to see "RoRo". That's what she calls Finley and RoRo. It was great watching all the toddler herd play together again.

I had forgotten how busy I was with 3 toddlers. Good grief! Between us and the Davis girls we had 5 toddlers at the park and it was like herding cats. And me and Wendy used to go there by ourselves.

Playing the all time favorite, "Ring Around the Rosie!"

By the end of the day all of our faces hurt from smiling too much. It was the best day ever and I cannot believe that she will remain a part of our lives. What an amazing ending to such a long hard road. I love this child!!

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