Monday, February 6, 2012


My friend, Kristin Mathis, inspired me this morning by hosting a learning tub workshop at her house. She had tub activities for all the kids to experiment with and for parents to look at. I love the fact that I am surrounded by so many mommies who make a lot of effort to make their days at home fun for their children.

I have not been posting about our tubs as often as I used to and her workshop this morning inspired me to post more because seeing someone else's ideas is so helpful. Here is what is currently on our shelves (these are independent tubs they have other tubs that they do only with me and those are more of our "learning tubs" or "school time tubs", these are just skill building).

In honor of V-Day we have our cookie cutters out along with a tub of medium rocks. Cookie cutters are great because they act like a puzzle when used alone and can be easily paired with something else. The boys can use them as a puzzle or fill them with rocks. They notice right away that it takes more rocks with the bigger hearts and they usually like filling the bigger cookie cutters first. I have them scoop the rocks with a spoon, but you could use fingers, tongs, tweezers, etc.

Kristin's workshop this morning reminded me how much James likes using medicine droppers. So I put this tub together this afternoon. The tupperware has water in it and the heart is a small sponge. The boys will use the dropper to collect water, then fill the sponge and then squeeze the sponge back into the water bowl. Hours of fun!

This activity can do many things! I put a couple of colored blocks of different shapes in the tub along with matching colors of animals. The boys have to take one shape and make all the animals that are that color stand on top. It's pretty tricky. Especially with the slanted shapes. Plus the cylinders have to be stood up to get the animals to stay and that takes a while for them to figure out. Fun! Fun!

These are not the only activities on our shelves, but I will post more later. Please know that I leave these tubs out for at least a week sometimes more and always bring them back out again if they were a hit. It takes some time to prepare them, but the time is well worth it. The kids love them and it's quality independent play. I guarantee you that you can find stuff around your house to create many many tubs. Have fun!

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