Friday, February 10, 2012


Our shelves are full of tubs this week and I wanted to share what we've been up to. You may have seen some of these before but I tried to post only new ones.
This tub has a cheese shaker in it and I've pushed three coffee straws through the top. I didn't have any beads to lace onto the straws so I chose to do cheerios. I like the cheerios anyway so that I don't have to worry about small beads being in their mouths. Of course they snack as they play, but that's half the fun.

This tub has been great. I had these big plastic jacks that I didn't know what to do with. When they were little I had the boys pick them up with tongs, but now I'm having them use playdoh scissors to lift them. Then they have to place them in the small jar. The scissors are great because the opening and closing of the scissors is hard work and making them place them in the small jar is a challange, too. Love this tub!

Have I already shown you this one? I couldn't remember. These are small containers from Dollar Tree and I just put a number sticker on top. This is a tub that they do along side me because it's a little hard to do by themselves right now. They have to put the correct number of disks in each one.

This tub has been great, too. The little white pieces are packing foam and they have to fork them and then remove them into the ice tray. Great for forking practice. If you don't have foam them use cheese chunks or raisins and when they fill the tray they can eat it.

These are just small Valentine erasers that they sort.

I saw this idea at Kristin's workshop and knew I had to do more spooning practice. They simply fill the heart ice cube tray with the beans.

These are my Discovery Toys Measure Up Cups. They are all numbered and great for stacking, nesting, counting and so much more. They can do anything with the cups and the pom poms are there for them to put in each numbered cup. So the number 7 cup gets 7 pom poms.

Stacking 12 cups is quite the challenge!

These are just little plastic shot glasses from Dollar Tree, or to the church goer they are communion cups. You can stack them, pattern them, build with them. There's lots that can be created with these little cups!




These tubs have been fabulous this week. I typically leave them out as long as the kids are still enjoying them and are using them properly. Hope they give you some ideas that you can do at home.

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