Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Learnings

It's been such a fun week of learning at our house. Some of the things I've really been working on with the boys are finally starting to pay off in our everyday activities. This week I must say that James has mastered the faces of the dice and the concept of rolling 5 and moving 5 spaces on a game board. This opens up a whole new world for us as far as board games go and I'm so excited to put his new knowledge to use.

Remi has mastered his uppercase alphabet and is already flying through his lowercase letters. It's funny, once they get the uppercase letters it seems like the lowercase letters are learned overnight. I'm so excited to watch him as he starts to point out letters in books and has begun to notice actual words that are all around us. Yay!!!

James' dot counting skills led me to bust out our dominoes and he loves to match them up. This has been a fun tub game this week and it will remain on ourselves for next week, too.
This was an activity that was at my friend, Kristin's, workshop. It's just heart cookie cutters from the 99cent store and they make a fun puzzle as well as playdoh cutters and so much more.

I also bought this pack of heart bracelets while I was there and created a little high speed race through our entry way.

I strung a line of rope from our back door to our front door. The boys had to transfer each bracelet one at a time down the rope and to the other door. This was a game they kept coming back to all day. I hope to use this again next week for stringing letters to spell their names. We'll see if I get that put together. If I do I will share it of course.

Remi has been practicing our giant alphabet train puzzle again and he did so great with it. He built it and then matched foam letters to each piece. He was so proud!

This was another idea I saw at Kristin's. You take a diaper container and stuff it with 4 bath sponge things (can't remember what they are called). It is very difficult to take them out and stuff them back in. It's a great gross motor activity. I got all four bath things for a dollar at the 99cent store so it was cheap to make!

And we always love it when I get a Discovery Toys delivery.

Hope you had a wonderful week. We're waiting on baby #3 at our house and hoping we get a call real soon!!!

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