Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Randoms

Our week is off to a wonderful start. We're spending our time getting to know our new little love and we are enjoying every inch of her. She's irresistible! James has also been up to some cool stuff this week as you can see below. He is a writing machine and I love all the little notes that he's able to create now. Below is the card he made for his Randad's birthday.
And this is what I found on our outdoor chalkboard.

Our girl has lots of hair. So we've been spending some time in front of the mirror getting use to "hair time". She loves to have her hair played with so it's been fun exploring her curls. They are completely opposite from Nana's curls, but equally as difficult to style. Luckily she pulls of the "natural" look perfectly so I've just been snapping in a bow.

She also started some therapy this week so we've been learning how to help her strengthen her neck muscles. She's even cute when she's practicing her tummy time.

We scored some fun masks in the Target Dollar Spot. James was particularly thrilled with the frog mask.

Here's my sweet boys getting me some gas earlier in the week.

James loves to hide under everything. He always wants us to pile pillows on top of him or cover him in blankets. I'm so glad he doesn't have mine and Jeremy's claustrophobic tendencies.

And my favorite memory of the week is this one. The kids were pillow talking. James can make Baby J laugh better than any of us. She loves to watch his every move and he loves to talk to her. They spent a lot of time on this particular night talking and laughing and staring.

And of course James is enjoying all the baby toys that are ALL over the house. I'm so thankful to my friend, Kristin, who let us borrow this Bumbo. Little Miss and Big Mr. both love sitting in it.

Our week is off to a fabulous start and tomorrow we're hoping to finally take our trip to the zoo. This will only be the 100th time we've tried to make it happen, but I'm hopeful!

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