Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Camp Out

Last Friday we had a camp out in our friend's, The Davis', backyard. Kyle and Finley along with James and Jeremy slept outside in tents while Wendy and I enjoyed indoor comforts with the babies. Although it got a little cold during the night I think everyone had a great time.

Finley mostly enjoyed running around her tent and was a little skeptical that she was actually going to get to sleep in there. She kept thinking her parents were going to make her go inside. She very willingly went right to bed when it was time. She's a camper!

And because Wendy knows me TOO well she got me this huge cookie cake from Great American Cookie Company and we tried our hardest to eat all of it. Then unfortunately she sent it home with me the next day and I finished it off in record time. I seriously should be ashamed of myself, but it was SOOOOOO good!

Here's the boys standing around our "campfire". Although it looks like Kyle's pants are on fire, they're not.

Wendy had bubbles and party blowers for the kids. She's so thoughtful and fun.

Here's my boys ready for their camp out!

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