Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bug Theme

We can't BEE-lieve this guy is about to be 3. It's crazy isn't it? In order to celebrate his birthday in style and have a fun theme to learn about in our day to day time, we are starting a bug theme. Kids love bugs and there is so much to learn about them and so many activities to do with bugs. It's going to be a great theme.
We started off our week putting our colorful paper on the back wall of our playroom (which you'll see further down) and making our first set of bugs/insects. The boys love Eric Carle's book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" so I though it would be best to begin our unit with that book. Plus, the boys made some adorable art to go with it.

We got our bugs hung up and began talking about where bugs live. It will be fun to learn about places bugs live as we read more books and make more bugs. (Included on our back wall is a giant ant hill and a log). I want to focus mostly on bugs we don't know anything about (ants, roly polys, snails, and bees).

I started the first day by making a circle chart. I put the word BUG in the middle and then had the boys tells me about all the bugs they know. I asked a million questions to pull out as much information as I could and I couldn't believe how very little they could recall. I love making these charts because it really shows what they knew and what they learned. The red words are the bugs they knew: ladybugs, butterflies, and spiders. The green words are the bugs that we have learned about as we read new books: fireflies.

After just three days of reading all kinds of bug books our chart now looks like this. And it will grow and grow throughout our whole unit.

Here are the books that we have in our "bug tub". Not all of them are strictly bugs, and some of them have bugs in them but don't actually teach new information.

So a few of my goals for this unit are: What is a bug? How do bugs help us? How do bugs hurt us? Where do bugs live?

I'm so excited about this unit and I'm so excited about my boy turning 3. His party will be all about bugs and I can't wait to see what bugs he begins to love out of this study.

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Kristy Dixon, Parent Coach said...

So fun! I did a bug theme for Rhett's 1st birthday because we called him our little June Bug when I was pregnant with him.