Monday, March 5, 2012

Latest Journal

I love the boy's latest journal entries. James wrote his right after our visit to the zoo so the memories were still fresh. He loved the penguins and so I was thrilled when he sat down with his journal and chose to write about them. I love his picture in this one because he typically puts very little thought and detail into his journal, but this time there's an accurate picture. We did see penguins in the water and there were many penguins at the window where we were staring at us.
Remi had been gone all week and so when he came back he had a special memory of being at his Nanna's house and chasing a bunny rabbit. He, like usual, puts everything into his picture so I was able to label a lot of what he drew. I also love that he came up with a quote from his dad rather than something that he himself said. So cool!

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