Sunday, March 18, 2012

Learning to Spell

For the past few weeks James has been learning some new sight words. He's getting to where he can really sound things out and so I gave him the "at" family to start working on and he's doing great! Every day he reads his words to me and then spells them with magnetic letters (or some letter manipulative). Here's how he did one day this week:

First I lay out all the letters that he's going to need to spell all four words.
Then he chooses a word and collects the letters that he needs for that word based on what sounds he hears. He usually hears the first and last sound and then later comes up with the middle sound.

Once he's collected all the sounds for that word then he has to put them order (make the word).

If a word ever looks like this once he's done I just have him check his list (on the paper) and make it match. He had to turn the "a" around the right way.


Here's how his words looked when he was done. You can also see what his paper looks like. By the end of the week this paper looks pretty rough. We do different things each day with the words and one day he used dot paints on each sound.
This does not go along with our Words Their Way study. It's simply a fun activity to work with words. Remi's list has more of your typical sight words on it since he's not ready for sounds yet. He has Remi, mom, dad, and James. He too has to read me his words and make them with magnetic letters but we only focus on the letter names not sounds.

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