Monday, March 19, 2012

More Spelling Info

Earlier I had posted pics of James doing his spelling words (making words as we call it). So today I thought I'd post pics of Remi's because he does exactly the same thing as James does each day he just has sight words not word families. He reads me his words each day and then makes them out on the table. Sometimes he will make them with magnetic letters, or stamps, or stickers, or letter tiles. It just depends on what I pull out that day. I personally like the magnetic letters the best because you can manipulate them better, but we switch it up to keep things fresh. The magnetic letters are particularly helpful when the words are new to the child.
You'll see that Remi pulls his words down to the edge of the table. This is easier for him because he can line them up straight. I say whatever works best for your child, do that. It might be easier to build the word right on top of the written word. Just experiment.

What's great about Remi's words is that they all start with a big letter (capital) and then the rest of the letters are small (lowercase). It's a good conversation piece. When I'm asking Remi to build his words I will call them names. So I'll say, "Remi, whose name is this?" "Can you make this name?"

Once he finishes a word he pushes it up next to his list and then when he's all done he re-reads them to me. He'll have these words until he can make them easily on his own, read them without mistake and read them somewhere other than this list. For instance, if I see the word mom in a book I'll ask him, "Remi, what's that word?" or "who's name is that?" It may take a week or more. We'll see.

I made this quick list for James to look at. I called out a word and had him put a dot on it. The paper actually has his words all over it, but I just want him to dot each word once a day. Tomorrow we'll do the same paper with a different color.
This is how James chose to do his words today. He just built his words on top of the written word. That's fine with me. Today was his first time with the "it" family so all these words were brand new for him.
I took this shot of them working at the same time. I always have one doing an independent activity (can be done without my help) while I do a "school" activity with the other. Here James is building words (which requires me to be near) while Remi is working with the Giant Pegboard. Ladybug is down at the bottom playing with the textured ball. It is possible to do all of this with three kids doing three different things. It just takes some planning on my part.

Some of you had asked some questions about spelling and about how I have the boys doing different things at the same time so I hope this gives you some good ideas. On my right hand tool bar you'll see the 1+1+1=1 blog and she always has tips for making school work with muliple children.

Also if you go to you will see lots of fun reading/letter/word family games and activities. James did the "at" family stuff today and both boys made some of the "All About Me" books. It's a fun little site to go to every now and then.

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