Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Yearly Ducks

The boys were pretty pumped today when I told them we were going to go get some baby ducks. I'm not sure if they remember our ducks from last year. Probably not, but I knew they would love them this year. And they do!

I buy our ducks from Mastermade Feed in Grapevine, TX. They are $5 and a whole lot of work. But it's so worth it. Last year I had to buy the heat lamp, food and water dish and food so it cost about $80, but this year all I needed was 2 ducks and a bag of food = $22. Worth every penny.
James chose an all yellow duck and named him Jack (which is his name for most things that are boys).
Remi chose a yellow and black duck and named him "Boy". Both ducks are about 4 days old although I think James' duck may be a day or two older because he walks standing straight up and Remi's still hunkers down. Some people, including my husband, think I'm kinda crazy for buying two toddlers a pair of ducks, but seriously it's a wonderful experience. Toddlers are so egocentric and it's nice to give them something to take care of and something that keeps them busy.
They will have to feed and water the ducks, play with them, clean their pool, hold them, bring them snacks, and help keep them safe. All these things are fun, but also each responsibility is work and taking care of God's creatures in a respectful and loving way is a lesson that
every child needs experience with. And frankly, ducks are durable and calm and the absolute perfect creature for 2 toddlers to chase around, grab, tip over, giggle at, and kiss. These ducks love these boys and the boys love them, too.




And stinky, loud, messy, and needy, but hey aren't we all.

Here's a video I snuck of James spending time with the ducks one night while I was cooking dinner. You can't really hear him, but he uses his high pitch baby voice to talk to them and was telling them, "Here little darling, come eat your food". He's super nurturing and I'm glad he has these little guys to take care of for a while.

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