Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weekly Randoms

I can't believe this week is almost over. Where did it go? James got a gift in the mail from his G-Dad. G-Dad, my dad, is running for Randall County Commisioner in Amarillo and thought this cute little guy needed a supporter hat. James has worn it all day and has no idea what it means to vote, but claims he will vote for G-Dad.
Ladybug is getting big and has started joining us at the table for our meals. We did this with James, too before he started eating solids. It's a great way to start teaching table manners long before food is ever on their tray. We give her cold teethers out of the fridge to munch on while we eat and she feels like she's getting quite a treat. Great for practicing the eating motion since she'll be really eating before long.

Although my baby food maker is out and being used I was not making baby food today. About once every two months I make a new stock of spinach and cauliflower purees. I make it just like baby food and even freeze it in ice cube trays in the freezer. Then when I'm cooking I add the veggies into our meals. Spagetti, sloppy joes, chili. . . anything dark in color gets a cube or two of spinach. Tator tot casserole, pasta with white sauce, mashed potatoes, chicken spagetti or anything light in color gets a cube or two of cauliflower added in. You can't taste it so why not?!
I also did lots of rearranging this week. Ladybug's room lost a big toy shelf and gained a few riding toddler toys (V-Tech turtle, rocking horse and trampoline) so I had to move her bed in order for everything to fit nicely and still look cute. I'm so glad we went with the neutral pond theme for our nursery because it's been such a sweet baby room for all our babies and when I was pregnant with James I had no idea we would be foster parents.

James' room needed rearranging because he needed more floor space for blocks, legos, and cars. The playroom has kinda become more of a school room and mostly what they do in their is school, their tubs, puzzles, and board games. The blocks and building toys had been being ignored so I got them out of the playroom and into his room while also giving him more floor space to use while creating.

I love how the bookshelf backed up to the toy bin and created a little reading nook just as you walk in the door. My mom just found that ladybug bean bag at a garage sale last weekend (for our Ladybug) and so it made a great reading chair for his room.
To the left of his bed is his Mega Block collection and lots of space for building (I moved his dresser into the closet and it fits perfectly and is way more practical in there).
This is a view from his bottom bunk. It's the only shot I could get of the toy bin, but you can see it gave him a lot of floor space over there for building and playing.

Here's James playing piano for Ladybug tonight while I was cooking dinner. I don't know how I ever got anything done when James was a baby. Any time she is fussy and I can't go to her right away he goes and entertains her. She was so content to just sit and watch him and I got dinner made. What a helper!!

I turn 29 tomorrow. Crazy how quickly this year went by. Last year I was raising my nearly one year old Nana Bear and about to watch James turn 2. This year my boy is turning 3 and I have a 5 month old little princess to care for. My 28th year was full of so many blessings. I can't wait to see what my 29th year has for me.

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