Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Randoms

Our week is coming to an end and we've had some great moments in our house. I've got lots of pictures to post of different things we've done, but for now I'll leave you with the randoms. Ladybug is sitting up and it's so cute to watch her wobbly body try and balance. She is so calm and easy. She'll sit up and eventually fall over and just smile and start playing on her back. Sweetie!
My mom and I were out thrift store shopping and I found a pair of pants that I liked that were only $1. However, the button was missing and so I put them back on the rack. My mom said, "oh you can still wear them just use a safety pin". I said, "I don't want to walk around with a safety pin in my pants" and she said, "Why not, I am!!"

I am died laughing. She hiked up her shirt and there was the safety pin holding her pants together. FUNNY!!

Jeremy was so proud when James made his first skid mark this week. He was going so fast and put on his brakes and there it was. Proud Daddy moment!

Instead of watering the flowers James decided he needed to be watered. Ha!

Hope you had a wonderful week. I'm thinking we're headed to buy our baby ducks this weekend. Remember last year? (Holy cow, I just looked at that old post and can't believe how small the kids were last year). The adventure begins again. I can't wait!!!

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