Friday, March 9, 2012

Words Their Way

Words Their Way is the spelling curriculum that I used when I taught 2nd grade. All the primary grades used it and I loved it. It takes spellers from their earliest points, letter/sound knowledge, through within word patters, all the way to syllables and affixes.

Well now that James has learned his letters and their sounds it was time for me to begin something that put his new knowledge to work. So I hunted through my attic for my "Words Their Way" books and got him started on his first list of words. The lists are called sorts and they basically take kids through a particular skill (his is the m and b sound this time). There is a proper way to do each sort and I won't go into those details unless you contact me and want to know more, but basically one sort will last you a while. This sort actually lasted 2 weeks, but that's only because he's just getting familiar with how to do everything. So today was the last day of the sort and he got to glue everything down in it's proper place.

I can't believe that we're moving into this type of thing right now, but he's ready and so I'm going for it. If your child has learned their sounds and is ready to start putting sounds together to make words I would love to share these sorts with you. I can make copies for you or you can come borrow the books and make your own copies. The books progress very naturally and slowly and I've seen it work with all children of all levels and learning styles. This will be the spelling curriculum I use through James' early years.

Remi is not quite ready for letter sounds (he's 6 months younger) but has almost mastered all his letter names and so I made him a sort that he could do so as not to be left out. At this point he's just matching the letters, but it's teaching him how to organize them and eventually I will change this to be a picture at the top (like "girl") and then when he draws the letter G he will match it under "girl". As soon as he begins learning his letter sounds he will start on the Words Their Way sorts, too. Here is the actual book you read first to understand the development of a speller. I would not begin this type of curriculum without reading this book first. I have it and you can borrow it.

Here is the first book of sorts you would use with your child who is spelling according to sounds.

There are at least 3 other books that follow. It meets the needs of your visual learner, hands on learner, and auditory learner. I love it! Plus, it's based on assessment and so you never do anything more or less than your child is ready for. If your child is already spelling phonetically then the book would help you know where to go next with them.

I have all these materials and I know if your child is in Carrollton ISD or Lewisville ISD or Arlington ISD then this is what they will be doing when they start school. You can begin to give them a headstart.

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Wendy Davis said...

I have this book too, thanks for reminding me of it, sure is an awesome book! I think we're going to start a flower/bug unit as well. I've been kind of slipping, we haven't done much, but as the second trimester fastly approaches, I'm getting my energy back! Yay! Thanks for posting such awesome ideas!