Sunday, April 15, 2012

James' 3rd Birthday Party

James is 3 and his party was wonderful and fun. So glad to have 30 friends and family come over to celebrate our little guy. I had tons of fun planning this party and of course spent a few hours cooking and decorating. Ok, few is an understatement, but it was worth it and now that Pintrist is around there are so many fabulous ideas out there I just had to use as many as I could.

You can't tell too well by this photo, but the backdrop of the food table was decorated with a bug net and bugs and flyswatters. We had a pretty kitchen hanging on that wall so I just took it down and hung up a cork board instead.
I loved all the bug food ideas floating around in cyber space. The caterpillar cake, the cock roaches (candy coated pecans), the roly polies (chocolate covered raisins), the ants on a log (peanut butter covered celery with rainsins) the caterpillars (grapes on Kbobs), the caterpillar eggs (marshmellows) and so many other cute ideas.

Worms in dirt (pudding, chocolate cookies, and gummy worms)

beans/June Bugs

The bug toy table

Roly Poly dig

Worm dig and in the background is the bug habitat table where there were live butterflies, crickets and bug books

Mammy and Gail had the one and only Ladybug at the party. Ha!

All of James' friends loved digging for worms. Who knew wiggly slimy creatures could be so much fun. I wonder if any of the worms survived the party?

Here's Rowynn wondering why that boy (Cooper) would want to get so dirty.

James and his duck. The ducks are getting so big!

Our Nana Bear came to the party and it would be an understatement if I said we were all so very happy to see her.

Here's James getting ready for everyone to sing him "Happy Birthday!"

The attention was worth the prize. He had been wanting his cupcake (which he decorated before the party with sprinkles and the number 3) since early that morning.

The Edwards and their cutie patootie son, Gideon.

Opening gifts. Of course Nana had to help see what was inside.

The "Three Little Pigs" quilt that my mom made James. He loves the story and she quilted each page of the book for him. He loves it and in this picture was about to stomp the Big Bad Wolf.

This is the back of the blanket and now he wants to take a car to bed with him so he can drive on his "roads".

Here's a picture of the game we played at the end. The black balloons were ants and the red balloons were ladybugs. The kids had to stomp the ants and save the ladybugs. The ladybugs had to be taken to a nearby vine and hung up with clothespins. Cute game, but James was very disappointed that his friends were stomping his balloons. He didn't get the idea of the game. Oops!

G-Dad had to leave because storms were coming on his route, so here's James giving him a hug goodbye.

Kristin certainly enjoyed letting Nana have all the time she wanted with the ducks. Nana was the one who loved the ducks the most last year. Sad she missed out on picking one out this year, but glad she got to see one at the party. Such an animal lover!

Love that child! After this Nana went and pulled all the ladybugs off the vine and the big kids who had worked so hard to "save" them were not thrilled about that. Ha!

James and Papa

The party was a lot of fun and I'm so glad that James enjoyed it. The bug theme was a good plan because all kids like bugs. Plus, it gave us wonderful things to do during school time. Happy to have a 3 year old. I can't believe it, but I'm excited to watch him get even bigger this year.

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