Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Our bug theme is still buzzing around here. We've been taking daily bug walks and are surprised by the variety of bugs that are out and about during the day. Here James has found a sweet little roly poly and is letting it crawl up his arm. My child wants to hold bugs so I'm thankful that so far nothing mean has gotten into his hands.
I've been having the boys do a game or two on the computer each day. On this particular day we were making words on PBSkids.org but we also have a few software games and a couple of other sites that we like to explore. Since I'm totally uncool and do not have an I Phone or anything technologically cool like that I figured I'd atleast better teach them their computer skills.

Our caterpillars came in the mail this week so we've begun keeping a journal on what they are up to. I meant to do one each day, but days got away from us and now all four caterpillars are in their chrysalises so it looks like we'll be doing a chrysalis entry and a butterfly entry and then we'll be done. Oh well!

Hope you're having fun learning away this week, too. Enjoy!

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