Thursday, April 26, 2012

Total Randomness--I'm Desperate!

The lack of posts on my blog is not really my fault. I got a new phone and have no idea how to get my pictures off of it. I bought a USB cable that fits in my new phone, but when I got it home it didn't work. Then I went to the phone store to ask how to get my pictures off and they simply plugged it in with their USB cable and it worked. I get home to try again--doesn't work. I haven't been back to the store to get a new cable yet so my phone is filling up with pics and I can't share any of them with you. Fitting in 4 random store visits just can't happen easily with my life. It will be blog overload soon! Until then, I will fill you with some randomness. Here are some random things I've either thought or done these past few weeks:
  • Because of my severe allergies lately I have not been able to breathe out of my nose for about 8 days. It had begun really bothering me and making me panic a little bit because I just wasn't able to get a good breath of air through my mouth. It was during this panic that I had the thought, "I really hope I don't get kidnapped today and someone duck tape my mouth shut because I would die". Then the idea of that actually happening kinda scared me so I prayed about it. Yep, I prayed about getting kidnapped and dying from the duck tape over my only breathing source. Is that crazy or what?!
  • I had yogurt with some friends last night and we all shared a story of a time when we overreacted to an argument with our husbands. It was the most hilarious thing listening to everyone share about a time when they "LOST IT"! All I will share with you is that a certain someone was screaming at their husband on the phone while driving down the highway yelling, "Go To Hell!!" and someone else squirted toothpaste all over the bathroom counter to teach their husband a lesson. Someone else was found standing in the front yard crying their eyes out completely convinced that their husband was dead because he wasn't answering his cell phone. Bahahaha!! Don't we all just loose it sometimes? Oh I love hanging out with people. Good times! Oh and don't think that one of those examples given wasn't me. I've got a ton of stories of "loosing it"! Thank the Lord for my wonderful husband.
  • My house was so dirty this week that every room was a mess. Typically for me my kitchen is always dirty and most rooms stay pretty well clean or they may need some things just picked up, but this week the WHOLE STINKIN' HOUSE was a mess. I literally had to sit at the table and make a list of where to start. It was hard for me to decide where to start cleaning. Ultimately I ended up starting in the living room and the playroom and from there gained some momentum and got the place cleaned up, but it was bad y'all.
  • Our Ladybug is getting big and is almost crawling. She is such an active, social baby and she moves constantly. We basically put her in the middle of a room and watch her go. She rolls and scoots and can get anywhere. James never moved. Nana came to us already cruising. I've never experienced a moving baby before. This is a whole new world for me. And she turned 6 months old yesterday! She is the greatest thing on earth!! Her appointments and visits keep me so busy I can't see straight, but she is the greatest thing!!!!!
There is some randomness for you. I hope to fill this blog full of pictures very soon, but in the meantime you'll have to deal with plain ole' me.

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