Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Building With Mammy

Having a Mammy next door is pretty handy. It's especially handy when she shows up with fun new toys to play with. Mammy (my mom) had my brother and I's Lincoln Logs up in her attic and decided to share them with James last week. He has loved making garages for his cars, cabins for his home, parking lots, gas stations, etc. On this particular night he asked his Mammy to build him a garage for his cars. They had so much fun playing cars and driving them around.

 Here's James adding a fence and 5 chimneys. I think he expects lots of nights by the fire in his garage.

The funniest part was when James wanted to have his cars park under Mammy's leg. At first all she had to do was raise her leg (like a garage door) but he kept wanting to park them farther and farther under her to where finally he was parking them under her bottom. Hilarious, as you can see!
 Love this guy! And his Mammy!!

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