Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do Not Grow Weary

I'm so very thankful this morning to have read a blog post by an old friend, Ashley Howard. She wrote a great post about how to help develop language skills in young children. You can read about it here. The verse she gave at the end of her post has had me thinking all morning, "But do not grow weary in doing good. For at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up." Galatians 6:9.

Often as a parent it is easy to grow weary when we are teaching our children how to do everything. We must teach them manners, social skills, obedience. We must educate them, feed them, spank them, bathe them and play with them. The list of what is going on inside our homes is ever growing. How many times have I grown weary of simply asking my child to say "thank you". Or how many times have I ignored behaviors because spanking him one more time today just doesn't sound fun or easy. I have often taken a trip to Target or the mall or the park in order to "kill some time" so that we can get out of the house. Weary is a word that describes me at some point every day.

The Bible gives so much hope doesn't it? Not only hope for today, but hope for tomorrow, too. The Bible assures me that all this hard work and diligence and consistency will pay off. Not only will my child be healthier, happier, and hopefully some day thankful, but he will hopefully one day be able to love God for himself. And not only for his sake, but for mine as well. I will be healthier, happier and more thankful if I keep at "doing good".

How refreshing the Word is. However, on the flipside this verse also can be a big warning. Growing weary has it's consequences. For if we grow weary (cop out, get lazy, slack off, etc) we will reap . . . well not the harvest that we hope for.

So to all my mommy friends out there who are tired, who are feeling overwhelmed, who are constantly being well . . . a parent, hang in there. Be diligent. Do good. It's worth it! God's promises are true.


The Rowles said...

Maile, you are a gem! Thanks for this!

Ashley Howard said...

Maile- your words are so true! Isn't it awesome that Gods word promises us so much when we are diligent!! Thank you for inspiring me to be a better mom today!!

debikay said...

So true!!! His daddy was the WORST to get to say 'thank you' so I know how you feel. And I swear, stubborn Jeremy, got more spankings than all the rest of the kids put together. But he also possible turned out the best!