Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drawing Sheep

I had an Usborne Books party a few weeks ago and ended up buying this art book called, "My First Art Book". It goes through lots of different art lessons that you can do with your kids and what I liked most about it was how it would show famous paintings or pieces of art and then give simple steps for the kids to recreate a piece similar to it. I've decided to do one lesson out of the book each week and just continue reusing the lessons for a few years because each year the kids will be able to do something different and more challenging. I'm excited about the fact that we have an "art curriculum" and I'm thrilled to teach the boys some new skills in this department. I've mentioned before that they really have no desire to color or draw, but they do love to paint, sculpt, and craft.

The first lesson that I chose was a simple drawing lesson. It teaches how to make simple pictures with lines, scribbles, and shapes. Today we started with the sheep. It tied in perfectly to a conversation we had about Jesus being our Shepherd and so we drew sheep everywhere today. They were so good at it and loved being able to see something from their drawings. Here's the picture from the book:
 Here's Remi's sheep
 Here's James' sheep
Bahahaha! Are those not hilarious? I love them. These were drawn on a white board, but I will have them draw me one tomorrow that I can frame in our playroom. I'm in love with these little sheep. Baaaa!

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Wendy Davis said...

Those are some precious sheep! We just started using that art book too. I like your idea of using the same lesson for the week. We've been practing our doodle lines and strange shapes and will move onto animals in the next day or so. I just love that neat little book. And I just love your blog!