Monday, May 21, 2012

Journal Changes

Our journal time has been going really well; however, I made a slight change last week that has led the boys to beg for journal time each day. Up until this point I've always had the boys draw their picture first and then tell me their story. That was working fine, but neither boy really likes drawing and so they would complain sometimes when we would sit down to do their journals. They've always enjoyed the telling of the story the best and so I switched it last week and it's working really well.

I begin our journal time with asking them if they would like to tell me a real story about something that happened to them or a pretend story. Once they've picked their genre then I have them begin telling me their story and I write down everything they say. Sometimes I have to ask questions for clarification or for more details, but for the most part their stories are free flowing. They are then to illustrate their stories and "read" them to a friend/parent/Ladybug. They still don't love illustrating, but they are excited to be finished  so they can share their stories so it helps them to illustrate quickly. I've been requiring a little more thought and detail in their illustrations so I hope that their pictures begin to improve soon. Here's some of James' stories from the past week.

 Remi's Stories--2 1/2 years old

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