Friday, May 11, 2012

Language Activity--Animal Talk

After visiting this blog today, I followed her example and did a language building activity with the boys (and Ladybug). Once you read her post and the one before it that I talked about here you will see her idea about creating a safari for your kids to go on and how it creates the opportunity for language building.

Well we didn't set up a safari, but we did bust out our big bin of animals and pick out some of our favorites and talk and play and learn. We talked about the ones we knew about from personal experiences (going to the farm, having in our yard, seeing at the zoo, etc.). We talked about ones we knew about from reading books. We talked about ones we wondered about and listed some questions we had about them. Then the boys got to pick their favorites and present all that they knew about that creature to Ladybug. She loved getting presented to and the boys loved sharing with her all that they knew.

Remi originally chose the wasp (we call it a bee) and he told her all the wonderful things about a bee. That they fly high in the air and that they are friendly and you can kiss them and pet their wings. Ha!
 In this picture James is sharing about the giraffe, but he also did a wonderful job presenting about horses and shared about being at Mimi and Randad's and feeding the horses carrots and grass.
 The boys kept pulling out animals to share with Ladybug and the funniest one was the cow. We talked about how the farmer gets milk out of the cow and how cows like to walk around eating grass and "mooing". Ladybug was fascinated with the word "utters". Who wouldn't be? Such a fun word! Ha!
 Here's Remi presenting the snake. Again, he wanted Ladybug to know that a snake would not hurt her and that she could kiss it. Such a gentle little guy. Hope he never really kisses a snake, but glad he shares such sweet things with our Ladybug.
 She's getting a hug for being such a good listener.
Thank you, Ashley, for the fun idea. The kids loved it and it certainly did create lots of opportunities for language development. Keep the good ideas coming!!!

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Ashley Howard said...

Wow!! What an amazing idea to have the older ones present to the younger ones! You are so creative!! I love it!!