Monday, May 7, 2012

Mall Time Already??

I'm so amazed at how quickly Ladybug has gone from the "recovering" infant to the full blown moving and playing baby. She is changing every single day and I love it, but I hate it. She's getting so big and I am MORE THAN THANKFUL that I'm getting to watch her grow and change.

We went to the mall last week and James wanted to play on the cars. I really never thought Ladybug would enjoy such things, but I got her out and gave it a try and she worked those cars like she has been driving for months. I could not believe it. She drove and pushed buttons and sat in her chair. Ahhh, how is my baby getting so big??

 And don't even get me started thinking about this guy. He is the definition of big. We spend our every waking minute cracking up at this dude. Though many people in the outside world don't get to see it (because he is shy in public) this guy is funny!!! I'm such a blessed momma.
 Look at her!! She blows me away. I love that she is so curious and capable, but would someone please remind her that she is a baby! James was a "baby" until about 10-11 months old. This girl will not be a baby much longer. Love Love Love Her!!

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