Friday, May 11, 2012

Park Smiles

Oh the adorable smiles that can be captured at the park. My boy is so happy when we're there. With dirt and grass and weeds and rocks, all waiting to be explored.
The boys took their bikes and the girls walked the trail. I can't believe my child is big enough to take his bike to the park. Crazy how time has flown and how I now say boy instead of baby.
 After riding, he was pooped. We sat and chatted for a bit and I snagged this picture of him laying on my lap "discussing where we were going to eat for lunch". My son loves to talk about, think about and plan for food. And he loves going out to eat.  Rosa's was his pick today.
 I could not stop taking his picture on the slide. He kept coming down and posing for me. Sweet, sweet, sweet little man.

 This one brings on the mommy tears. His innocence. His sweetness. I love this guy!

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