Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekly Learnings

Our week has been full of lots of things and watching these guys learn fills me with happiness. Their school time each day is so much fun! Here's some things we worked on this week:

My wise friend Kristin gave me some great ideas for number recognition practice and here's Remi using a large pointer (sneaking in some gross motor practice) to trace and recite numbers that he's learning. The big bold dot tells him where to start and as he traces he says the number and counts. For example: "7--1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7"
 James is working on beginning sounds with his reading and writing and I found this sort that has him sort each word by how it begins or ends. If the word starts with the B "buh" sound then he puts it on the left. If it ends with the B sound then he puts it on the right. We did this sort each day this week and finally glued it down on Thursday. The first day we just sorted by what we saw and then I would read him the word. The second day I read the word then he sorted by what he saw. The third day I said the word and had him listen to what he heard and then showed him the word and let him sort it. The last day he only listened to the word and then chose where to sort it. By the last day he was very fast at hearing the sounds.
 We used our unifix cubes in lots of cool ways this week and I had to share our name building game. I put a little circle sticker to spell out the boy's first and last names and then mixed them up and put them in a baggie. They had to look for the letters in their fame and build "name trains". They've only done this once this week and it was challenging, but so rewarding at the end to see their full name in front of them. They have already asked to do this today so we'll be doing it this afternoon. Good job, boys!
 I did their first name in a different color sticker than their last name to help make it easier to sort their letters.
 Remi did a retelling of "The Three Little Pigs" in his journal and it was fabulous. If you can't see it it says, "The little pigs have to make a house. The first little pig made a big house. The wolf blew it down. Then the wolf blew the other one down. The pigs went to another house. It was safe!"
 And don't think Ladybug had a dull week. Her week was full of texture books, rolling all over the house, learning "Twinkle Twinkle", knocking over stacked cups, "pat pat" which is a game we play where I will pat a part of her body and then she will pat the same part, and she had a little play date this week with her busy little friend from down the block.
Lots going on around here, but certainly love all our moments together. Hope you had  great week of learning and exploring at your house.

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