Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekly Randoms

Life is always random and our past few weeks certainly have been. However, I'm always happy to share our very random pictures with you and give you a sneak peek into our fun little life.

Ladybug has mastered the art of eating and is now desiring something with a crunch so James is always more than happy to help her eat her puffs. The only drawback to allowing your 3 year old to feed your 6 month old is that the container of puffs only lasts about 2 days. However many puffs I have to buy is worth it because he will sit and feed her puffs while I am cooking and it's very very helpful, plus he loves to feed "his" baby.
 My dad came in for James' party and it was crazy crazy to watch the two of them together. James has a lot of my dad's mannerisms and they are very similar in the way that they move and react. They sat out in the backyard and watched birds for a while and chit chatted. It was very sweet.
 For all you baby food makers out there I've finally figured out how to stay ahead of my little eater. With James and Nana I would spend one whole day making up a lot of different foods and storing them etc. But it was always this big event and I would run out before making the next batch. Well, with Ladybug I've started just making some each time I cook a meal. It's been working perfectly for me. Tonight while I made our meatloaf I started some carrots in the babyfood maker and by the end of dinner they were ready to put in the freezer. Then clean up wasn't a hassle because I was cleaning up dinner anyway. If you are having trouble staying on top of your babyfood making try just doing it while you are already cooking for everyone else. It may help.
 Every day Jeremy and I do "coffee time". It's where we sit on the couch and drink coffee and talk to each other. Well, our time together is in the mornings, since he works at night, and so James is left to play by himself while we have our time together (we don't let him be a part of coffee time). It's so funny to watch him try and include himself in our coffee time each day. On this particular day he ended up just lounging on the couch while we were talking and we didn't even notice he had joined us. Ha! Poor guy, had to play alone while his parents talked. He has it rough!
 I snapped this picture the other day while the kids were watching Barney. Cracks me up to see them all lined up on their pillows. They live the good life.
 We busted out our door frame baby jumper this week and our little busy body LOVES IT! She can spin and twirl and bounce and kick and she loves every minute of it. I've said it before, but this girl is a mover. She keeps me busy!
 The picture is kinda small, but here's Jeremy and James playing in the sprinkler one day last week. It's getting hot, people. We are going to fry this summer.
 My bestie, Wendy, found out this week that she is having a little boy. They will be naming him Emerson and when I got home after her appointment I went to turn on Ladybug's ceiling fan and this is what I saw. . . I should have known all along it would be a boy. Sooooo very happy for you, Wendy!!!
Hope you've had a good week. Can't wait to begin this next week. I start my Jazzercise class and water aerobics class and James starts gymnastics. Yay! 

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