Sunday, June 24, 2012

12th Birthday--Mini Celebration

So the impossible became possible and I could not be happier with how our weekend turned out. Our new guy had a birthday this week and we were told all week that we were not going to be able to see him or take him out to dinner. Broken hearted we accepted what we were told, but hoped that something would work out. Our friend, Laurie was more than fabulous to talk to anyone who would listen about our hope to celebrate him on his birthday and sure enough it all worked out. Turns out, his older brother "K" wanted very badly to see his new family, The Cuchens, and he called and called and called and did all the dirty work for us. We got the okay to see our new guy on FRIDAY NIGHT. Whoo, talk about a last second blessing in disguise.

We went Saturday afternoon and picked up both boys. They live in seperate foster homes, but in the same city so it was easy to get them both for dinner. We had hoped that our new guy's foster mom would keep it a secret so we could surprise him, but she didn't. However, he was glad to see us all and was dressed in his nice clothes ready for dinner. The poor guy had to have been hot because he was in jeans and a long sleeved shirt, but he certainly never complained.

When we told him that we were thinking about going to Chic Fil A he was super excited and said that he loved to eat there. And boy did he eat! He ordered an 8 pack meal and then when he finished that he asked Jeremy if he could get a sandwich, too. Ha! I guess he really does love Chic Fil A.

Laurie and Billy got him a beach bucket full of presents and we got him a nice big blue blanket that my mom embroidered his name on and an I Spy book and a ball. Laurie had told me that he loves blankets so when we got the okay to take him out my mom quickly went and bought a navy blue one, to match his room of course, and put his name on it. It was perfect!!

We took pictures and I snuck in hugs every chance I could get. Then we showed him his cake and he put in his candles and made his wish. I hope that whatever he wished for comes true because he thought about it for a long time before he blew out his candles.

Although the visit was short, it was needed and perfect. I enjoyed being around him and I just hope so badly that he comes to join us soon. I have big plans for our summer together and I would just feel better if he were here. He is loved, wanted, and adored here already.

I can't wait to watch what the next few days bring. Pray for him and the team of professionals around him this week. We want him here with us and I think once he finds out that he's coming here he will be super happy!

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