Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family Visit

Jeremy's family came to visit last week and we had so much fun spending time with everyone. James was especially glad to have his uncles here to play with. Jesse went with us to James' gymnastics class on Wednesday and asked the teacher if he could participate, too. She was fine with that so he inspired the boys to try new things and showed us some of his skills. James liked rolling him in this big "donut".

 Randy did so much handyman work around our house and we are now officially ready to switch Ladybug to the new room. He installed the bi-fold doors on each opening to her room and they look fabulous. I'll show you progress pictures in another post, but we are so very ready to have our big boy here.
 Jeremy's parents also brought us Jeremy's grandparents piano. So we called two neighbor guys over to help us unload it. It was a beast! Four grown men were huffing and puffing to get this thing through the door. It's moments like these where I praise the Lord AGAIN for the support system we have within our friends. This community has been so very good to us.
 James totally forgot who Jeremy and I were while his uncles were here. He was in heaven! He got to play JoJo's IPAD and constantly had a big boy friend by his side. I'm so thankful he has these two uncles.
 Jeremy showed off his hair cutting skills and gave JoJo a new look. He really is quite the master at haircuts.
 Mimi broke in the piano for us and played a bunch of songs one morning. When I have free time (which is never) I will learn to play the piano. The problem for me is that when I do have free time the kids are sleeping and I can't practice. Some day I will learn. Some day!
It's always nice to have house guests. Projects got marked off the list and bonds got strengthened within the family. Good times!

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