Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meeting My New Guy

I found out about my new guy on a Wednesday and was able to meet him for the first time on a Friday night. My friends, The Cuchens, kept him and his brother for a few days and invited us to a baseball game that night to watch their youngest son play. It was the perfect opportunity for us to meet him. He didn't know who we were or that we were seeking to add him to our family so meeting him was cool and easy. I watched him play with his friends and cousins. I watched him talk to people. I watched him watch the game.I watched him run and climb and roll and wrestle. Basically, I just watched him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He's a beautiful child and he's kind to everyone he meets. He's all boy, but played gently and sweetly with the babies that were there. He was polite, friendly, engaging, and so happy to be out playing with all the kids.

I didn't want to creep him out by obviously taking pictures of him or hugging on him so I controlled my urges to shower him with praise and affection. But I did sneak in compliments and pats on the back when I could. It's an odd feeling to know that the child you are interacting with is about to live in your home, but you can't take him right then. It was also hard to not tell him about our plan to add him to our family because I didn't want to get his hopes up if something fell through. He's precious and I'm waiting very impatiently for him to get here. In the picture he is the one on the right. His brother (who is nearly 16) is sitting on the left. I will only be able to post pictures of the back of his head since he is still in foster care, but trust me when I say that his jolly little face lit up my world that night.