Sunday, June 24, 2012

Patterning and Stringing

I few months ago I was given this set of pattern piggies and their sorting cards. I had tried a few times to use them with the boys, but they just weren't ready yet. However, I busted them out this week and both boys did great with them. The piggies are different colors and different sizes. There's the daddy pig, mama pig, brother pig, and the piglet. The pattern cards are either by size or by color. What I like about this set is that the boys have to pay attention to detail and follow specific directions to get them all done correctly. They really enjoyed playing with these.

 Then while I was cooking lunch that day I poured some of the noodles that I was cooking into bowls for the boys and had them string noodle necklaces. They loved this. When they were done stringing they could either wear their necklace or dump it in the pot and have me cook their noodles. Both boys wanted their's cooked.

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