Saturday, June 16, 2012

Water Play

The afternoons have been so hot lately that if we do happen to venture outside to play we must include some type of water activity. Thankfully, all the kids love water and especially Ladybug. I set her up a little water center this week and just let her play and splash and she thought it was grand fun. She is the most delicate little darling that I've ever known. She plays ever so gently in the water and hardly makes a mess or a peep. After having Nana Bear for over a year I'm so used to little girls being loud and bossy and just as messy as the boys, but not this princess. She's very much like a ladybug--cute, quiet, and gentle.
 James absolutely loves the water squirter that Remi got him for his birthday. He loves to fill it up. . .
Launch it high. . .
 And of course squirt himself in the face!

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