Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Learnings

 We've had some fun learning moments this week and I just wanted to share the latest math game that we are playing in our house. We take our set of unifix cubes (you could use legos or anything that snaps together) and put a big pile out in front of us. Then we each take turns rolling one die (or two if you are adding in your house) and whatever number you roll becomes the number of cubes you grab to build a tower. Each turn you continue adding more cubes to your tower until everyone has rolled 5 times. Then you compare yor towers side by side and the tallest tower wins. The boys love it and it's great for pre addition talk, graphing skills, counting above 10 and comparing greater than and less than. This game packs a powerful mathematical punch. Enjoy!
  • If your child/children are up for a challenge, have them roll the first five rolls of adding cubes to their tower and the next five rolls subtract cubes from their tower.

The next fun thing we've been practicing at our house is word building. James has had the "it" and "at" word family for several of his spelling words and so I created this cute little game that he can play during "school time". Each bucket has a card with the word family on it and inside are magnetic letters that when added to the word family make a new word. Honestly, this was pretty tough for my word boy so we will be putting it up for a few months, but I love the idea of having everything in the can. Great practice game for early spellers.
I created an incentive chart for each boy to use while learning their new Bible verse. It's worked great and both boys are on their way to earning a prize and a new verse. All they have to do is say their verse correctly 10 times (only one sticker per day) and they win a prize and a new verse. Not sure what the prize will be yet, but I'll think of something. This is the first verse that Remi has learned and he actually learned it faster than James did. James has about 8 verses that he knows now and I can't wait to see what new ones he can learn over the summer.

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