Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Randoms

We've had a pretty normal week around here. Even though we were told Ladybug would be leaving us 2 weeks ago, she's still here and we're very happy about that! We are still waiting on our new guy to come to us as well so there's been lots of both anticipating phone calls and dreading them, too. We know a phone call from CPS could mean our new guy is on his way or it could mean they are on their way to pick up Ladybug.

This picture below fills you in on how our entry way looks right now. It's basically a holding place for all our playroom furniture. The kids haven't skipped a beat about it though. They just go to the shelves and get what they want. It's kinda funny to see them still playing with all their favorite things even though it's quite disorganized right now.
This pathetic looking plant is on our back porch and birds keep building nests inside it. I try to sneak water into it and even bought one of those water globes to try keep in it and save its life, but it's looking pretty bad. The 2nd dove family moved out on Thursday and I watered it heavily and removed their nest, but before I could relocate the plant a new family was in it by Thursday night. Good grief! Apparently it's the best place to raise your bird family. I've got to figure out something because in a little more than 3 weeks this will be an actual room and I don't want baby birds learning how to fly in our new playroom and I'm pretty sure the momma bird will not appreciate all the construction that's about to happen.  
 I'll give you a million dollars if you can guess what this picture is. . . HA! This has to be my most random picture ever, but it was a hilarious sight to see. This is a picture of the top of Ladybug's head. She crawled under a side table in our living room and got stuck. When I pulled her out her hair was covered in dust bunnies. I died laughing!!! Poor girl. I'll be using her more often to help me clean up around here.
 This was taken one night after James' bath. He was walking around the house in his towel and looking very much like a 40 year old man. He would stop--straighten his towel--rewrap himself--and then continue walking around like this was normal everyday behavior around here. He's a goof!
 I took this picture in the car to document that our child loves gum. He's very good at chewing it and doesn't swallow it. He used to only get gum when we went to Rosa's to eat, but now when he sees me get gum out he wants some. Unfortunately on this night we were going to Target and it fell out of his mouth and stuck to his shirt and made a big mess and he ended up crying quite loudly throughout the store because I had to throw his gum away. Whoops!
 And here's my pretty girl playing in the grass. She is the busiest baby of all time, but I just love having her around. Still hoping for a miracle that we can keep her forever, but I have a good relationship with her family and at least if she leaves we will be able to stay in contact. She's the prettiest thing I've ever seen.
Hope you had a wonderful week with your family. I'm super hopeful that this time next week I'll be posting pictures of my new guy relaxing in his new room and eating us out of house and home. We'll see.

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debikay said...

I knew what the picture was-I've seen that view-minus the dust bunnies. = ) Love y'all and so proud of your sweet, generous hearts. JoJo's pumped to come see you in August.