Monday, July 30, 2012

Buckner at the Ballpark

Some precious person donated Ranger tickets to all the Buckner families so me and my bunch were able to go see a baseball game last night. We were given matching t-shirts and everything! It was such a fun night and for James and T is was their first baseball game ever.
 My boys looking out over the city of Arlington. Our seats were literally at the top of the stadium and in the shade so it was perfect!!!

 James kept his fingers in his ears for about the first hour of the game, but he slowly but surely got use to the sounds.
 The first 10,000 kids got a free jersey when you walked in the gate and T put his on right away.
 See the fingers came out and the so did the smile.
We left and went to get snowcones (mainly to keep both of them awake on our drive home). We were hot, sweaty, dirty, and super duper happy!

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