Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Tae Kwon Do Practice

T had his first Tae Kwon Do practice last night and he did great! I'm going to love him attending classes here. Who wouldn't want their child to build self-confidence, perseverance, stamina, flexibility, and self defense skills. I really think once he gets the hang of it he will be really good.
 That's him in the back kicking backwards in the air. He listened to his Master well. He watched the other boys to figure out all the different moves, and he never gave up.
 He's by far the biggest one in the class, but it's a beginners class and most of the boys are probably about 6 or 8. Once he masters the moves he can move up to the 12 and up class, but I was glad he got put in the beginner class. He is coming into Tae Kwon Do knowing nothing about it so last night was really challenging.
 Here's little brother watching through the windows. He watched T's every move and kept yelling, "Good job, T!" through the window.
 At the end of class the Master has them use their hand to break a piece of plastic. T was the only one who did it on the first try so he beamed all night about that.
 Here he is, minus his head, after his practice. He was tired, sweaty, and extremely proud of himself. Love him!

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