Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm going to start writing down the hilarious things James says everyday because he is the funniest guy that I know. Don't let the serious face fool you, this guy is hilarious!
  • Tonight when we were driving to the water park, James was reflecting on the fact that he wasn't going to stand under the big bucket (that dumps tons of water out every so often) until he was big like his Uncle JoJo. Then he said, "Mom, when I get big like you and my hair grows long, I'm going to stand under the bucket".  Bahahaha! He cracks me up.
  • When we were putting Ladybug to bed tonight James was asking me a whole bunch of questions and every time I answered him he would then ask, "Why?" He is really into asking "Why?" about everything and frankly it gets a little annoying at times. Well, tonight I turned the conversation back on him and started asking him "Why?" about different things he was saying. All of a sudden he looked at me and said, "Mom, you're buggin' me with all those whys!"  Bahahaha, I think he's heard that one before. Whoops?!

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