Monday, July 16, 2012

Keeping him full!

James has always had a cabinet in the kitchen and full of his snacks. It helps a lot when he's hungry and he can see all his choices and if it's in the cabinet then it's always ok for him to eat it. Well when T was here this weekend I realized that he was going to need his own cabinet as well. He and James have different eating tastes and different needs. With James I'm constantly trying to reduce sugar intake and increase vitamin intake. With T I'm trying to increase protein intake and decrease unhealthy fats.

It was a challenge going to the store this morning because I'm very familiar with what snacks I can buy for James, but had very few ideas on what to stock up on for T. He requested a few things while he was here: chicken in a biscuit crackers, peanuts, and cheez-its, but I need to have plenty of healthy options for him once he returns. I ended up finding some good protein bars, beef jerky, nutella, microwave popcorn, and some dried fruit. I also got him plenty of healthy fruits and cheeses and lunch meats in the fridge.

I'm amazed at how much boys eat. Not just big boys, but all boys. James and Remi eat a lot, too. It's basically like having a newborn in the house except I don't have to sit and feed them. Every two hours at least someone is ready for a snack. Can't wait to search Pintrist and find some good healthy snacks to start making for T.

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