Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kick Ball

T played on Mammy and Papa's kickball team last night and had a blast. He loves any kind of activity especially one that is competitive. I would have never considered T an athlete, but he really might become one if he keeps working so hard. He really enjoyed playing last night.
 Here he is waiting for his first pitch. His goal was to give it a little kick so that the people would have to run to get the ball and he could get on base. Smart move!
 There is goes!
 Here's Papa's giant kick. He was using all his old soccer skills to show everyone who was boss.
 Don't worry about the poor blond scraping all the skin off her leg sliding into home. Just pay attention to my boy scoring. He was so happy to get to score.
 Here's little man watching all the action. Glad to have someone sitting on the sidelines with me. He's not interested in playing on the team (which he could because all members in the family can play) but he likes watching.

 And he liked making trip after trip to the water cooler to get cold water.
Thankful T and us have my family close by so that we can participate in so many fun things. We're slowly but surely teaching him what it means to be a part of a family. He's quite good at it already!

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