Sunday, July 1, 2012

Life with Ladybug

Even though we were told 2 weeks ago that Ladybug would be leaving, we are super super thankful that she's still here. Daily life with her is full and fun. She is constantly on the move and is the bounciest, busiest baby ever! She loves life, loves us, loves her Mammy, and loves to eat.
Here's James giving her a bath in the sink. I've been bathing her in the sink lately because she's a danger to herself in the bathtub. She wiggles and falls and scoots and pulls up and it's just a mess.
 Here she is in her pirate patch. It's the cutest thing ever and she doesn't even mind it. She has to wear it for an hour every day because her right eye is tracking stronger than her left. We love making pirate noises and calling her name from all sides to make her look around. Don't feel bad for her. We love our Ladybug and teasing her just makes us al giggle.
 We attic shopped this week and brought down all our mobil kid toys. She loves her little playhouse and is slowly but surely figuring out all the buttons and switches. We also brought down the ball popper toy, the shape sorter, and lots of other big girl toys. She's had fun going room to room figuring out all the new stuff.
We sure love this little busy bee, I mean Ladybug. We are so very thankful for the extra time we have with her. She is about 2 weeks shy of the age Nana was when we got her. I can't believe I had Nana and 18 month old James at the same time. Holy Cow! I must have had no idea how busy I was back then.

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