Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Making Fire Works

I'm trying to become someone who is more celebratory. Usually I let holidays come and go and never do fun art projects or teach the boys much about them. I think it's because they are so young that it's really hard for me to get on board with teaching them about things that are WAY over their heads. Plus, I'm just not a celebratory person in general, but I'm working on it. Since tomorrow is the 4th of July I figured I could do a little bit to celebrate the holiday. Since freedom and soldiers and the idea of our country are not things I feel I can explain to these boys at the moment I figured we would make fire works (since that's something they will be seeing) and learn the song "God Bless America".
Of course the boys are always on board for making new creations and Remi certainly loved shaking up his fireworks in this large tupperware container. So here's what you do:
Tape a coffee filter down inside a large container that has a lid. Put a couple of drops of red and blue paint on top. Drop in a few marbless (we used 3 rocks). Snap on the lid and "shake your sillies out".
 When you're done shaking, open the lid and sprinkle in some glitter. Then hang your coffee filter up to dry over night. Cut slits all around it and glue down the center on black paper. And there you go. . . fireworks!  

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