Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Big Adventure!

We headed out bright and early this morning, along with the rest of the metroplex, to Dollar Day at the Dallas Zoo. To make our adventure as fun as possible my mom and I decided to take the Dart Train instead of driving. It really was the perfect way to go! Jeremy had to drive his own car in order to leave on time for work so we met him there. Here's Remi and I enjoying the train. He's the perfect travel companion.
 My sweet Laney-Girl (niece)! She loved standing up and looking out the window of the train.
 James hitching a ride on Daddy.
 The crew
 T enjoying the giraffes. I think these were his favorite. I absolutely love this exhibit at the Dallas Zoo.
 My little Remi-Boy looking very much like a big boy today. What happened to Baby Remi?
 Group shot! I wish I could post our family photo that my mom took with Jeremy and I and the kiddos. It's my new favorite photo ever. I'm going to have it blown up for our house. It's perfect!!
 "Buddies"--T and Foster walking through the zoo. Isn't that sweet?
 Tired faces on the train. Such a fun day. Hot, but fun.
 Oh, he's happy now. Totally excited to be riding the train home.
 Here's Laney and T playing peek-a-boo. He is so very playful and very good with entertaining the kids. Laney loved petting his head and pushing him out of his chair.
 Pretend resting. Ha! We figured they would be zombies on the train, but they were so hyper and noisy. I'm surprised the people around us didn't move to a different train car at each stop. What does it take to wear kids out?  Sheesh!
 First train ride ever for this guy. Yay for first moments! I may have not seen his first steps or heard his first word, but I've taken him on his first train ride. :)

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