Friday, July 13, 2012

Our First Night :)

Well we have officially had our first night with T and I am amazed at how well everything went and how easy it is already. The whole way to pick him up I was so nervous. "What should I talk about? How much information should I give him? What questions should I ask him? Will he be happy to come with me?" Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. I should have remembered that this child is a social butterfly because talking and questions were flowing out of him like a waterfall. I certainly did not have to worry about what to talk about.

When we got to the house he was so excited to see his room. My mom was here and he tried to sit on the couch and converse, but I could tell he just wanted to run into his room and take a look around. I pointed in the direction of his room and he first went into James' room and thought it was his. Ha! I wonder what thoughts were going through his head when he saw a train table, bunk beds, and match box cars everywhere? He was probably like, "Uh, these people put me in a little boy room!" Thankfully I quickly directed him to his room and he LOVED it! He looked at every square inch of the room. He read the cards from people, fiddled with his picture frames, looked under the bed, opened his closet and looked through all his clothes and drawers. He was thrilled with everything from his new towel and toothpaste, to his shorts and underwear. I kept telling him that if there was anything he didn't like that I kept all the receipts and that we could take it back and he assured me that he loved everything! He's a sweet guy that's for sure.
 Here he is admiring all his games in the closet. He immediately busted out Jenga and asked to play it.
 After we went to eat dinner, we came home and he wanted to have a Nerf gun fight. James could not have been more thrilled with having a big boy to shoot at. James was running around squealing and laughing and T was hiding in all sorts of crazy places and popping out just in time to surprise us both.
 Thankfully my cell phone doesn't take good action shots so even though most of the pics are blurry it helps with me not being able to post direct pictures of his face. We had loads of fun with the Nerf guns and by the end of the war we were all laying on the couches panting and sweating.

My mom had given us some balloon helicopters so we spent a large chunk of our evening blowing them up and releasing them all over the house. Here's pics of T helping James learn to blow up a balloon. He's a super patient young man and very very helpful. James followed him all over the house and never let him out of his sight, but so far T didn't get annoyed. Now I know that he will in the future, but for the time being he was very happy to have a little guy to play with. He kept calling him Jeremy instead of James so most of the time he just called him "Bubba" like I do. Cute! Cute!

I am amazed that he's here. It's all so surreal right now. I've wanted this to happen for the past 6 weeks, but couldn't imagine how it would be. Well, it was perfect! He's fabulous and certainly a perfect fit. He already wants to stay forever and keeps asking me when he'll be here "for real". I hope and pray that CPS can arrange for him to be here "for real" sometime next week. We'll see.


Debbie said...

Such an amazing first night. So glad he got to come. Sounds like the brothers are getting along perfectly so far. Praying he is home for real very very soon.

Veretta said...


debikay said...

Nerf fight confirms it is a true Srader house. Standard on the Christmas list was Nerf guns for all. = ) fun fun fun! so happy for you all.