Monday, July 2, 2012

Poetry Notebook

I've added something to our school routine that I'm so excited about. I've wanted to do poetry notebooks since these guys were babies, but knew it would be useless. Now that they are memorizing so many new things each day and are starting to recognize beginning and ending sounds in words I knew that poetry notebooks would fit right in.
The poetry notebooks will serve many purposes. They will house all the poems and memory verses that the boys know and they will be a great beginner reader tool. Here's their notebooks:
 The boys have three things in their notebooks right now: The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and their previous memory verse John 10:27. I introduced their notebooks to them this morning and let them guess what each poem was based on the pictures I gave them. Then we sang the poem. Then we went line by line and found words. Like on line one I would say, "Can you put your finger on the word spider? It starts like s s s (and I'd say the s sound)". As they got the hang of finding words I'd ask them if they saw any words they knew. James found up and rain.
 We read through each poem as many times as they wanted to and I kept asking them to follow along with their finger under the words.
 I'm super excited to add to their notebooks and watch them have a place where they can go and read materials that they know and love and be successful at it. Eventually I will also let them illustrate their own poems, but for now I will add a few pictures/stickers to them.
If you want copies of any of the poems just email me. Don't make them new on your own because I already have them. Enjoy!!

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