Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekly Randoms

This week has been absolutely perfect! T came home "for real" on the 18th and I have loved, loved, loved watching his room morph into . . . well, a 12 year olds room. It's messy, kinda smelly, cluttered, and completely full of him and all his belongings. Such a fantastic sight to see each day!
 We have adored T every second. He's delightful, fun, helpful, curious, hungry, and active. I cannot imagine what life was like for him in his inactive, non-kid friendly, lonely foster home. When my mind starts to imagine it I get very weepy. This guy is ALWAYS moving, ALWAYS wanting to play, ALWAYS asking questions, and ALWAYS willing to pitch in. So glad he's here.
 The coloring in this picture is just plain horrible, but it's the only one I have of him playing games when his friends came over. The biggest boy is T's biological brother, and the smaller boy in the white shirt is T's biological cousin. I told you he had family nearby. It's so very perfect!!! They were so excited to come see T's new room.
 Jeremy didn't hesitate for a second putting T to work. We had to finish removing the insulation from the porch and so the boys worked hard at it for a couple of hours one day. Jeremy said T was just as much help as having another man there. Yay! He does love to help and he's a great worker. I snapped this picture through the blinds so you can't see very well, but you get the idea.
James has had so much outdoor time this week. He loves to take his bike to the park and on this day he was just exploring through some bushes. Cutie Pie!
 T playing with the playdoh. Ha! He has loved playing with all of James' toys.
 My niece and nephew are here for the week and on Monday night we went to Mammy and Papa's Kickball game. That's right, they play on a kickball team and Foster and Laney played with them this week. Foster loved kicking the ball and scoring 2 points. Very adorable!
 My favorite moment happened tonight when James and T were both jamming with their guitars on the couch. T wants to learn guitar so bad and he spends lots of time strumming it around the house. Can't wait for him to start lessons with his Uncle Billy :)
This was such a fabulous week and I know we don't have many more of them before school starts and T is out of the house all day. He will be greatly missed by all of us so we are soaking up all the time with him that we can get. Love him!!!

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