Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekly Randoms

Our week has been good. So very good. The Lord has blessed us indeed and we are extremely happy with the gift that is T. Our home has changed dramatically and I wouldn't go back to how it used to be if offered. He is a delight and brings nothing but joy, and a large grocery bill, to our home.

There is a 12 year old that lives in our house that has his own sense of style. I won't name any names, but you may or may not see him digging through our dress up bin from time to time. On this particular occasion he was a koala bear cowboy, who apparently was going out for the night because he's wearing a tie.
 My brother made us a fabulous new tire swing and although the boys are a little afraid of it right now I know they will soon love it.
 T has really gotten into doing Tae Bo workout videos. He's heard through the grapevine that p.e. is rather intense at his middle school and he wants to be ready. Here's he and Remi busting it the other day. Yes, Remi does as much of the video as he can. He loves to follow along and "work out" as he calls it.
 We spent Sunday afternoon meeting with T's biological family. We met his grandma, Uncle, and cousin. These people have been worried sick about their boys (T's brother and cousins were there with us, too) for over 2 years and I know it did their hearts good to see their boys safe and happy. We looked through old pictures, listened to some stories and got a good glimpse into the life these boys used to live. :(
 T loves to play James' math games with him so I have him play a game with one boy while I do school work with the other boy. Love having a helper!
 We've been doing some school work with T each day trying to get him ready for 7th grade. He loves to sit and do his math and his learning some great strategies to help him when he gets stuck. I could not be more thankful for my teaching experience because I have enough skill to help him catch up in his school work. Thankful to the Lord that while he was molding me to be a teacher, he knew I would be using what I know with my children. Thankful! Thankful!
 One of the little boys may or may not have gotten locked in the bathroom this week. We could not figure out how to pick the lock so Maxey came and took off the doorknob. Thankfully the little guy inside never knew he was locked in. Whew! No nightmares caused here!
 My child wears ties all the time. He loves them. He spent 2 hours one day practicing in his room how to tie all the different knots. When he sees people dressed up he knows exactly what knot they have tied and has even started creating some of his own knots. If you come over he will take you into his room, show you all his ties (which he bought for 25 cents each at a garage sale) and tie a few knots for you. It's hilarious! I hope this passes before school starts. If he wears a tie on the first day of school I will die! Oh well, I look back at my 12 year old pictures and see that I had an odd sense of style myself. This too shall pass!
 He's super helpful and agreed to help me put new handles on our cabinets yesterday. I completely let him take over and he finished the task perfectly. I look for lots of opportunities to speak truth to him and instill in him a hope for his future. So when he was doing the cabinets for me I told him, "When you get married your wife will love that you are so handy and can help around the house". We speak of his wife and his "going to college" like they are real events in his future. I hope that those things become real desires in him.
 Getting pizza is always a treat!
 I had also not posted our famly picture from the zoo because I couldn't crop out his face, but I figured out how to draw a circle over it so now everyone can see my new favorite family picture. Although James looks bored to death, we are a family and I love my sweet family!


The Rowles said...

Wonderful! So happy for you all!

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Cute pictures!!