Thursday, July 19, 2012


Our room is officially being constructed this Saturday so Papa came over and installed the new windows in our living room. They look fabulous and I'm so very thankful to have a handy-man living right next door. He also installed 3 new electrical plugs in the new playroom so that I can have an outlet on every wall. Whoo hoo!!
 Some people jump over a broom or carry their bride across the threshhold for good luck so James did his part in blessing the new room and jumped through the window.
 Out he goes!
 Back again!
 It was he and Mammy's job to pull all the nails out of the wood that was removed from the windows. He loved banging the nails loose and then pulling them out with the pliers. This guy loves to work with his hands. I'm not sure where my picture is of the pile of nails that they pulled out, but it was a big pile.
 "I'm working, mom".
We will have a wall and hopefully some sheet rock by the end of the weekend. Yippee!!!

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